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We have rescued and taken care of over 20 children..

What We believe In

We believe that every child is special.
And we go to any length to show them this. It is not a journey or success that we are undertaking alone. With support from caring partners who have worked with us over the years, we have seen them blossom and come into their own


Rhema Orphanage Home have been able to touch so many life including motherless babies, orphans, homeless, aged/stranded people, drug addict, disable, remind people (Insanity), street children, mission field children, visited war affected children/natural disaster & poor country children (people left out of scheme)

Give Scholarship

Sponsoring a Child’s Education: Rhema Orphanage Home children are in need of education. Sponsor a child’s education today. If you wish to sponsor a child’s education, please contact us We invite you to actively be a part of the solution. Lend a helping hand now. Get involved and you will be glad you did.

What Is Special About Us ?

At Rhema orphanage Home, we provide a Christ centred home where unloved, destitute, orphaned and vulnerable children could find love, happiness, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual nourishment as well as education possible, thereby offering them opportunity and hope for a better future.

Nobody was born to lack food, shelter, the joys of life and ability to dream and aspire. Unfortunately, that is exactly what countless children suffer and will continue to suffer unless we do something!

Unable to fold arms and watch the trend, Pastor (Mrs) Josephine Isreal-Jaja caught a vision for God to take care of the orphans, the abandoned, helpless and the destitute to become great future leaders set out since 2016 to realize this vision.


There are several ways you can be part of what we do here at Rhema Orphanage Home. You can volunteer your time, make a donation and sponsor children. Please join us to share in the blessing in this worthwhile work.

You can always come and visit the children of Rhema Orphanage Home, you can spend your time with the children by helping in the following areas

  • Teaching
  • Cleaning/Sanitation
Apart from the following listed above you can also spent time doing homework, telling stories or simply playing around. The children always welcome visitors with open hands and open hearts.

Your partnership or donations with our orphanage home is of great blessing to us and you can take special pride in knowing that your love positively affect the quantity of the well-being given to the children.

You can get involved by making a donation towards the upkeep and education of the children; Your donations monitor; Medicine, Salaries, Food, Education and any other kind gestures is never too small.
Account Name: Rhema Orphanage
UBA Bank account: 1019550849

You can choose to celebrate your birthday, special events such as (Anniversary, End of Year Party) with our kids in the home.
Children at Rhema Orphanage Home, are highly delighted seeing visitors which gives them so much joy.

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